3 Tips When We Don't Feel Like Reading the Bible

Adult Reading the Bible.jpg

1.      Don’t be surprised.

We spend so much time lamenting our lack of desire to read the Bible or being surprised by it that this becomes another barrier to reading the Bible! The Bible tells us that no one is good (Romans 3:10), which means that none of us have good desires on our own without the help of God. And even when we are given the desire, the Bible tells us that we have an enemy—the Devil—prowling around like a lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8); and a great way for him to “devour” us is to draw us away from these life-giving words.

2.   Read it anyway.

And then do it again.

And again.

The Bible is strong enough to figuratively divide and pierce through soul and spirit, bone and marrow (Hebrews 4:12), and it’s powerful enough to break through our deadened desires. Sometimes it will start out feeling like a chore, and sometimes this continues for a season, but the grace of God can capture our heart and mind through His mighty Word and saturate it with delight. Our lack of desire is no match for the power of these words and the Spirit working them in our hearts.

3. Tell a friend and

ask for prayer.

The longer we have walked with God, the greater the temptation to tether shame to our lack of desire. But shame keeps things hidden, and shame stunts growth. So confess to a friend. Be honest and specific, “It’s been so boring lately,” “I’d so much rather do x,y,z,”, “I don’t even care about reading it.” Ask your friend to pray for and with you, and then join together in asking God to do a great work in your heart. He loves you, and He is a God who loves to saturate our parched souls and weakened desires with His words—a stream of living water. 

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