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The Pastor Who Told Me

I Married

the Wrong Person

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When my husband and I decided to renew our marital vows after 10 years of marriage, it wasn’t because we had just surpassed a catastrophe, but it also wasn’t because we wanted to display a blissful and perfect picture of marriage. Both were untrue. Our decision was based on the knowledge that our marriage had gifted us the most incredibly delightful and intimate times in our life, but was coupled with the blood, sweat, and tears we had poured out through some trying moments and seasons.

That is why, when we asked one of my best friend’s husband-a pastor- to lead us in our vow renewal, we simply asked him to speak the truth…that while our marriage was flawed, it was sustained, carried, and strengthened by God’s grace. We trusted him with the details, as we had known the pastor and person he was.

We stood that day in front of a beautiful sunset on a beach in front of our family and some close friends, elated with the day ahead. But my body froze and my smile grew thin when the pastor spoke his first words,

“Well, I guess by now you’ve realized that you married the wrong person”.

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