Meet the author


Kristin Nave

Hi friends! Thank you for visiting Work Out in the Word! My name is Kristin and for the sake of introduction regularities, I’ll share that I’ve been a wife to my best friend for 16 years, I’m a mama to a delightful 8-year-old (and many babies in heaven), and I’m a daughter of a King. A perfect day to me is waking up early with a cup of coffee and soaking up the Words of God from the Bible, laughing hard with my husband and daughter, getting trounced by big waves at the beach, and finishing the day off with the sunset, fish tacos, and chocolate (I mean, those go together, right?).

But if we were sitting across from each other at a coffee shop, I’d probably also tell you that one of my greatest passions is encouraging women to delight in and apply the Bible to their life by opening their eyes to it’s beauty, truth, and grace. This is why I am currently a Seminary student in Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute, and have served in various ways in women’s ministry for nearly twenty years. I love writing, teaching, and discipling…and most of all, pointing women to the lover of our souls, Jesus! You’ll find a lot of personal stories and my mistakes here, but my greatest hope is that you’ll leave a least a little bit hungrier for God Himself. Thanks for stopping by, and I’d love to hear from you!


Kristin currently holds a Master’s in Psychology and is working toward a Master’s in Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute. She lives in Ventura County, California, with her husband and daughter.